10 Reasons You Should Watch Utopia On Amazon

There’s nothing like a series about a pandemic in the middle of a pandemic. Right?

Well Amazon recently released the series Utopia. Funnily this was filmed before the current 2020 pandemic which is COVID-19.

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10 Reasons why you should watch Utopia.

  1. It’s currently free to watch on Amazon Prime.
  2. It’s current, even though at the time of filming, it wasn’t. Which is a little scary. Utopia is actually a remake of a British version from 2013.
  3. It has a lot of twists and turns.
  4. It isn’t predictable
  5. It’s great to binge watch — but it requires your full attention as it gets complicated!
  6. There are a few shocks during Utopia that you don’t see coming, or would expect.
  7. Utopia is concluded well, but with an opening for a second series. Not all questions are answered.
  8. Great for Conspiracy theorists. It gives you lots of things to think about, that’s for sure!
  9. It keeps your attention. You want to know why what just happened, actually happened.
  10. It was created by award winning writer Gillian Flynn.
Utopia — Season 1

I watched it with my partner and we didn’t binge watch it, instead we allowed the anticipation to take hold and restricted ourselves to only one or two episodes a a day. This made it even better. We were excited about the next episode and gave it our full attention. This would be my recommendation when watching it, but if you can’t wait — put a day aside to watch the whole series of Utopia. Get plenty popcorn and snacks and enjoy this amazing series being streamed on Amazon.

Have you watched Utopia yet? What are your opinions?

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