A Review: Kiki Time App — A Money Earning App

The Kiki Time app is an app where you can share photos and blogs and earn money.

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Kiki Time

There is also a desktop version — Kikiers.com However this needs improvement compared to the app which is available on both android and Apple.

The idea of the site is to upload photos and write at least a little something about the photo. You currently earn anything up to $2 per post, however this may change in the future as there is talk on paying per view basis.

Initially it is easy to earn money on the KikiTime app, however it becomes a little harder after a while as there are conditions to earn from each post after that.

You have to earn so many points in order to earn from your post. You currently do this by viewing and ‘firing’ up other peoples posts. You can also earn points by people viewing your posts. This encourages you to be social on the app and view other peoples content.

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Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

The minimum payout on the KikiTime App is $75 and there have been multiple reports of people receiving payout so at the moment I believe the KikiTime App is legit.

KikiTime do not payout for plagiarized content or for begging for views. There is a list of rules to follow on the app so make sure you follow these or you may not receive payout.

KikiTime also allows you to create your own pages to post to and allows other people to follow you which will in turn show anything new you post on other peoples feeds. Other people can also post on your pages which I believe will also earn you money. However at this point I am not sure what rate that is at or how it fully works.

I have currently earned around $40 however I don’t use the app as often as I probably could. Once I earn enough to receive a payout I will post it here.

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KikiTime update their app regularly and with new features. I joined around 5 months ago and have seen numerous improvements.

Please be aware that there are advertisements on this app. This is how they earn money in order to make payments possible. If you don’t like ads than this app isn’t for you. The ads are not too intrusive though and probably pop up every 5 to 6 views of other peoples content that you make,

An update on my Kiki earnings. I will try and post at least once a week to show you my progress.

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As you can see in the image above I am now at just over $40 Kiki earnings. My goal is to reach the $75 minimum payout threshold and also to become a super user which will create more exposure to my Kiki posts.

I’m order to become a super user on Kiki there are certain goals you must achieve which are stated on the Kiki app.

I have currently achieved all but one goal which is to have at least 100 followers on one of my pages.

I have quite a few Kiki pages but I am currently just posting to one of them to try and gain more followers. I will update the page once this is complete.

Update: June 8th 2020 — Kiki have announced that they will be closing the site and app due to not obtaining enough funding.

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