Adsterra. A Review and Earnings Proof.

Adsterra: A Review and Earnings Proof.

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If you have a blog or website and are unable to join Google Adsense, you may be looking for an alternative way to monetize your site.

Adsterra is one option.

I joined Adsterra after trying various different ad displaying networks for publishers.

Adsterra has been for over 6 months now, the ad network that I am happy with and have stuck with despite trying other ad networks along side it.

Things to know about Adsterra:

Payout Methods:

Payments from Adsterra for publishers are made twice a month assuming you reach the minimum payout threshold for your chosen payout option.

Adsterra has multiple ad formats including:

CPM rates are usually pretty good and I’ve noticed that they tend to improve with bigger volumes of website traffic. However that isn’t always the case. I’ve found that the banners are working best for me up until now and are les intrusive. I have tried popunders but I don’t really like using them as they distract from the site and interferes with the site user/viewer. However popunders can be more profitable.

An example of CPM ratesI have received are below, however CPM can depend on various factors including source of traffic and geographic location.

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My payments and earnings so far.

Up till April 30th 2020.

My first Adsterra payment was $117.54 which was paid into my Paypal account without any problems.

My next payment which is due mid-May 2020 is for $129.47.

From May 1st 2020 I have earned $14.08. The minimum payout threshold for Paypal with Adsterra is $100.

My total earnings on Adsterra:

May 2020 on Adsterra: $26.24

June 2020: $63.76

I have multiple websites that I have Adsterra ads in and I am slowly building up the websites.

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I will continue to update earnings, experiences etc so please come back for further updates.

Adsterra is a good alternative to Adsense and definitely worth a try especially if you have a new website/blog that you are looking to monetize.

My daily earnings on Adsterra.



01/07/2020 4896 0.27 $0.43

02/07/2020 4966 0.15 $0.74

03/07/20203798 0.25 $0.95

04/07/20202336 0.13 $0.30

05/07/20203955 0.29 £1.18

06/07/20205061 0.14 $0.69

07/07/2020 42630.15 $0.63

08/07/20202705 1.10 $2.97

09/07/20201162 0.36 $0.42

10/07/2020709 0.14 $0.10

11/07/2020 86190.15 $1.32

12/07/2020 67140.25 $1.67

I will update these statistics soon.

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