Did Trump Attend The Debate Knowing He Had COVID?

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So. COVID. Of all the stories in 2020, this one is king. This is the one they’ll be teaching our kids about. And now the president has it. I would give up nearly any earthly possession I have for the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in the world of so many of these idiots.

Every dumb ass one of them who defiantly marched around with their assault rifles, screaming that they should be able send their kids to school mask-less waving their stupid little MAGA flag waiting for one of them black folks to give you an excuse to Kyle Rittenhouse them has got to be having a meltdown in their heads.

This is the President. The man who’s stupid propaganda you’ve been regurgitating while you run around spreading this damn plague… and now he’s got it.

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I don’t wish it on anyone; even Donald Trump. But I’m also not going to hide behind false sincerity here. If there has ever been a case of Karma biting you in the ass… this would be it. The man has defied every step we could have taken. Told us all to go be his spreaders… and half of you assholes did. But now look. I’ll bet you don’t feel so invincible now, do you? Trump was the safest man in the world. And he’s got it.

But while those of you I was addressing try to get your silly little MAGA brains around the fact that you were hustled…. Trump sold you a line of shit and you ate it up… (Don’t beat yourself up, though. I voted for him, too. The only reason I know what a stupid shit you are is because I’m the same stupid shit) … the grownups need to talk.

Trump is having symptoms. You can buy his little helicopter walk if you’d like, but they wouldn’t have flown the damn guy in helicopter if there wasn’t a problem. Why does that matter? Because COVID is the most constant killer the world has ever seen.

What do I mean by that? Numbers. The numbers of COVID simply don’t change. If does what it does. There are differences in symptoms, but we’ve learned now that even those are pretty constant. COVID attacks your weaknesses. People with the same issues tend to have the same symptoms.

One of the most consistent numbers is the incubation. The White House is trying to tell us that he caught this thing yesterday or the night before on AIR Force One. He didn’t. You don’t get sick the day you catch COVID. You simply don’t. The reality is… Trump has had this thing for several days. And as his aids and one Kayleigh McEnany tell us on loop, Donald Trump is tested multiple times a day. Now do a little math, and you’ll quickly realize that Trump had COVID at the debate. And he knew it.

The same debate where the entire Trump family, despite knowing they had all been exposed, all got rid of their masks upon being seated, even waving off staff who brought them some just in case. The same debate where Trump literally hollered all over the damn place. You can’t tell me that no one in the royal family or their entourage didn’t as some point say “Holy shit. Pops here has COVID. So does Mom. We might, too. Maybe the debate isn’t a great idea!”

They knew. And it would explain Trump’s seemingly insane 90 minutes of spraying. What if the Trump clan, having tried everything they could and still getting their asses kicked, just decided to try and take Biden out? Yeah, there might’ve been a few casualties, but hell… what’s a dozen or two stacked on top of 200k?

Does it sound ridiculous?

Of course. But the math tells us that he had it and logic tells us he knew. Can you think of another reason he would have gone ahead with this thing and lied about his test?

And it clears up some other things that have happened since. It would explain the standard Trump tactic of slow rolling us with his mess ups. Hope Hicks had been with them for weeks, but Fox barely mentioned her. Suddenly Wednesday it seemed like every damn segment seemed to go out of their way to point out that she was traveling with the president. Friday morning… Trump tweets that she has COVID. 16 hours later, he tweets that he and Melania have it as well. A quick… also staged, video and a quick text to say everything’s great late Friday night. But beyond those few tweets? Nothing. The longest stretch of radio silence of his presidency. You gonna tell me that whole thing doesn’t seem staged? If Trump can lift his thumbs, he can tweet. And he will. Yet through all of this… not one tweet. And man… all those folks I addressed up there…. they gotta be losing their damn minds without his hourly 168 letter sermons. And what’s more, he’s gotta be going nuts without them. He was well enough to walk to the chopper. So why in the hell isn’t the biggest tweet-addict in the history of Twitter tweeting?

I think I’ve got that one figured out. I think this whole cult family knew Trump was positive and they had been exposed… hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if the kids are all running asymptomatically spreading this thing around. I think they just went about their business anyway. I think that like the mobsters they are, they went into this thing knowing they might get others sick… but not actually planning it. But there’s a catch. COVID is now spreading through the White House. They literally became personal super-spreaders. And I think in that, we finally found republicans “line”. Blackmailing and begging other countries to dig up dirt on Joe? That’s cool. Making it easy for Russia to help Trump, corrupting the justice department to make it easier yet and protect our mobster president? Also cool. Killing hundreds of thousands of Americans? Perfectly cool…. as long as the stock market and those who live on it stay rich.

But apparently they draw the line at murder. At least when the murder spreads through them.

I think republicans have Nixon’d Donald Trump. I think they found out he had COVID and both hid and spread it. I think they whisked him off to Walter Reed, and they’re gonna keep him there until after the election. They had to have put the fear of God in him to keep him from Tweeting.

This party didn’t follow Trump because they supported him. They followed him in fear. I have no doubt some of them will claim, after all is said and done, that they weren’t really supporting Trump. They’ll all try to say that they were trying to be “The adults in the room, to save America.” I have a feeling Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell will be at the head of this parade.

I think this is them conceding the race. They could replace Trump with Pence, but he’s not Trump. And with Trump having COVID, their credibility is shot. They see what we all do… Joe Biden, for better or worse, is our best chance now. They’re not having an attack of conscience… you can believe they’re still gonna slam through their Judge on the court. But they have what they needed… an off ramp.

You can call me nuts, but you’ll see. In a few days… probably Monday or Tuesday… they’ll tell us Trump has enough of a fever that Mike Pence is going to take over, but just for a little while. His Twitter silence will remain, other than a generic “everything’s great!” here and there. We’ll be informed a few days later that Trump is fighting, but should make it. You’ll see a much different message getting out there about COVID… these guys can’t preside over a country if everyone is dead.

I could be wrong, but I’m not. And when it happens… remember I told you way back here.

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