Donald Trump is the most embarrassing President America has ever had.

I am 34 minutes in to watching the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and I can’t believe how many times I have said out loud the word ‘WOW’.

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Not because I’m impressed by the answers being given, but by how embarrassing Donald Trump is!

Wow just Wow!

Is this a playground? Watching it, that is exactly how it comes across.

You have Joe Biden, who although comes across as very timid, is trying hard to get his point across, but can’t because Donald Trump keeps interrupting him.

Biden told Trump to shut up which he completely ignored.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he is a very narrow minded, selfish person who has no respect for anyone whatsoever. Unless of course money is involved. Then he fakes respect!

I have seen a lot of cringe-worthy things from Donald Trump. We all have. This however has got to be the most embarrassing ‘show’ from Donald Trump to date. To the point that he probably just lost a hell of lot more votes in the presidential election 2020. This isn’t about him bluntly lying in front of the nation, which we are all aware he is notorious for now. I would guesstimate that only 10% of what Donald Trump says is actually fact.

“You’re the worse President America has ever had!”

-Joe Biden during first election debate in 2020

This may be something that opposing candidates say to each other from time to time due to their differences in opinions, but this time I think it is.

This time it isn’t just a true statement but probably a factual one too.

The rest of the world have lost for America, because of the way Donald Trump has handled his presidency.

I will leave you with this:


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