Dr. Fauci Has Resigned From COVID-19 Task Force

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Dr Fauci.

At a time when the Trump Administration clearly doesn’t need anything else to go wrong, and just hours after Trump claimed he and Dr. Fauci “Still have a good relationship” Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a blistering response to the White House’s personal attacks on him and followed with a statement in which he resigned from the White House’s COVID-19 task-force.
In a chilling statement, Fauci said he was “Ashamed to be a part of a task force that has become nothing more than an arm of the Trump Administration’s propaganda machine.”
We will let an excerpt from Fauci’s statement speak for itself.

“I have done everything I could to try to save the lives of my fellow Americans, an endeavor I have dedicated my professional life to. But I can no longer ignore the fact that this task force is having the exact opposite effect. Some will say that this has to do with the White House’s recent attempts to discredit me, but this in untrue. Have I made mistakes? I have. In my position, there are times I have to make judgement calls based on available information. By way of example, We did not, as a scientific community, realize how vital masks were or how transmittable the COVID-19 virus truly is until late February/early March. But I have continued to provide the American people with the best information available at the time.

This task force, however, spearheaded by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, has not. They have continued to downplay the severity of this virus, and for all intents and purposed made the life saving act of wearing a mask a political debating point. They have pushed our states into opening without following the guidelines that we as a task force laid out with the CDC, and we see the results in states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona are now exploding with cases of COVID-19.

Now the Trump administration is attempting to force America into making the exact same mistakes by forcing children back into school before it is safe, effectively demanding that Americans risk the lives of their children to appease Donald Trumps’s political ends.
The final straw, however, was not the administration’s attempts to discredit me, but their attempts behind closed doors to force me to “tow the line”, evening insinuating that my career would be jeopardized should I fail to do so.
And now, with the development that the White House is demanding that hospitals report their numbers to them instead of the CDC… a move with literally no benefit, a move which serves literally no purpose other than to allow the White House to control the flow of information to the public, I realize that this administration has no concern over the health and lives of American citizens. and in the end is willing to let them die en masse to further their agenda.
In the end, the Trump Administration’s lack of leadership and emphasis not on keeping Americans safe, but on politics has, in my opinion, directly led to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, and will lead to the deaths of perhaps hundreds of thousands more.
As such, effective September 26, 2020, I am resigning my position as a member of the COVID-19 task force. I will, however, as I have done for decades, continue to work with the segments of our government that still prioritize the safety of Americans.”

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