What Is Herd Immunity?

Herd Immunity Math.

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What is Herd Immunity and Herd Immunity Math.

We are out of excuses. After 9 months of bumbling through COVID-19, continuing to treat every presidential task with the same lack of impulse control a small child would portray; after watching 200,000 Americans follow his advice directly to an early demise, and watching us watch them with him, Donald Trump has finally just said “To hell with it. Herd Immunity!”

We knew it was coming. We knew it a month ago when he brought on Dr. Scott Atlas, an X-ray reader with no qualifications whatsoever that warranted a spot on the COVID-19 Task Force, much less being the face of the thing, which in that month he has become.

And most “ride or die” Trumpers are going to get in line and chant along. But before you do… process that number. Look it up yourself… Don’t take mine or anyone else’s word for it. 6 million is actually a fairly conservative estimate; It could be as many as 10 or 12. Someone you know will die. You probably know several old people who will die. Mom or Dad have a heart condition, or, God help them, more than one issue? Start saying goodbye now.

You saw what this country looked like when New York and Florida were blowing up. There were bodies stacked in cooled semi trailers like cord wood. Mass graves being dug in New York. That’s with a death toll of 200,000. This would be a death toll of 6 million. And with the herd immunity approach, it will be a quick spread. COVID-19 doesn’t play games; it is steady and it is relentless.

There will be chaos. Parts of America will look like a Resident Evil scene. But…. Trump has no choice, right? He is out of options. He has done everything he possibly could have to stop the spread of this virus. Only…. that isn’t true. Yes, he put on his travel ban to China in February. We all know this because he tells us every day. Only… it wasn’t a ban so much as a recommendation. 40,000 people flew in from China in the few weeks after his ban, and very few of them were tested or forced to quarantine; the majority simply had their temperature checked. And almost 15% of them tested positive for the virus in the aftermath. Not much of a travel ban at all, is it? And then he banned Europe… long after the spread had already spiraled out of control.

And since then? He has, by his own admission, downplayed COVID. Lied to us, in fact. Weeks after that February conversation with Bob Woodward where he spelled out just how dangerous COVID was, he was still telling the American Public that this was a Democratic hoax and far less serious than the flu. To this day he continues to downplay and even mock masks, and he criticizes any form of stay at home order, claiming he doesn’t want people to panic. And that’s a legitimate claim, right? We wouldn’t want Americans to freak out and start wearing masks and staying home and social distancing like the rest of the world. Can you imagine it? People looking out for each other, working together to take down this common enemy? Not in Trump’s America. That’s all just so 1980s! Look at the rest of the world! All those months without thousands of people dying, returning to normal, economies bouncing back… why would we want that when we can stage mass spreader events, protest for our right to kill our fellow Americans with our own selfishness, and send our kids to school maskless?

And now, because he’s far more worried about numbers… polls and the stock market, specifically, than he is about American lives, we have a mess. Community spread has covered the country. Even if we take all the steps in the world to stop this, 400,000 Americans will be dead of COVID by January. So rather than admit he blew it and do some damage control, he wants to drag us cheering into this herd immunity concept… a concept that only has a 50% chance of working. If his plan goes perfectly, he is asking us to sacrifice 6 million Americans. If it doesn’t? That number could reach 20 million.

So ask yourself what the video says. How many loved ones are you willing to sacrifice for Trump? Are you willing to die for him? If so, for the love of God, why? But make your choice, because he’s damn sure asking you to.

Originally published at https://vocal.media.

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