I can’t adult today.

I know I’m not the only one who wakes up and thinks this.

I just don’t want to adult today!

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Especially during trying times. 2020 has been hard for most of us across the globe. Some of us have done things we would never usually dream of doing or have time for. Tik Tok was an app that became the social media app of the 2020 global pandemic. Families were taking part in Tik Tok challenges. Mothers, fathers, grandfather’s and grandmother’s even took to Tik Tok to entertain themselves and others.

The child in us reemerged. We did silly things that we would never usually dream of doing. Dances, pranks and singing online for the world to see.

Sometimes we wake up with that realization that we can’t sleep in today, we have kids to get to school and we have to go to work. And we think to ourselves I just want to be a child again. As children and teenagers we sometimes have stress, but we have fun too. Being an adult with responsibilities and worries doesn’t always allow us to have the fun we not only deserve but crave too. Time and money can all be factors in this. Our lives are much busier and we find it hard to relax.

So here’s my thought. Take the time, if and when you can to do have some fun. Let the child inside you reemerge. Follow that thought of not adulting for a day.

Do you ever think you just don’t want to adult today?

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