WordAds Earnings: I Made $1.53 On My First Day. (Daily Updates)

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In October 2020 I decided to start using WordPress. Something I had pondered on for a while but every time I went over to WordPress it just seemed so overwhelming. Especially since I was used to the very basic Blogger platform. Or basic in comparison to WordPress anyway.

So I spent over a week moving some articles across to WordPress and also creating some new ones.

I took the time to familiarize myself with the platform as best as I could, but there is going to be a whole lot of learning to be done with WordPress.

I had seen WordPress plugins and WordPress themes all over the internet, so I knew it was a much better platform to use than Blogger.

At the end of my first week, I decided to upgrade to Premium which meant I got a domain name included and was also auto accepted into WordAds. This meant I could display ads on my website straight away.

So a day after I launched WordAds on my site I was quite excited to see what the outcome would be.

I had been doing a lot of research into WordAds but found very little out there. So I’m going to share my journey with you.

A few things I have learned about WordAds so far:

  1. They start off showing generic ads which means you aren’t going to get a great CPM if anything to begin with… so be patient!
  2. They update your views in live time, but earnings and ad impressions are updated once every 24 hours.
  3. The CPM rate can fluctuate a lot! This is what I have learned from what I have read. Not what I have experienced personally yet. I will share my experience when I have been using WordAds. (See my daily stats below)
  4. You need a good amount of traffic (not fake or bot traffic) to generate a decent amount of earnings.
  5. Your earnings are estimated and will be confirmed at some point after the end of the month.

My stats for WordAds.

Please note that these are my personal stats and depend on a lot of different factors such as traffic location and content and do not necessarily represent what WordAds might be for you.

30 October 2020

Page Views: 1114

Ads Served: 22,604

Average CPM: $0.07 (Only just started and showing generic WordAds)

Earnings/Revenue: $1.53

31 October 2020

Page Views: 563

Ads Served: 5364

Average CPM: $0.06

Earnings/Revenue: $0.31

01 November 2020

Page Views: 3649

Ads Served: 63,570

Average CPM: $0.08 (Only just started and showing generic WordAds)

Earnings/Revenue: $4.96

02 November 2020

Page Views: 897

Ads Served: 9447

Average CPM: $0.07 (Only just started and showing generic WordAds)

Earnings/Revenue: $0.67

I noticed this morning on Day 4 (02 November 2020) that my earnings for the last three days has jumped up slightly. Not by a lot, but in a positive way. I will keep an eye on my previous days earnings as these may change again until the final months earnings are settled.

I’ve now decided to update my WordAds stats weekly.

WordAds Earnings: 26th October 2020–1st November 2020

Page Views: 5371

Ads Served: 92,808

Average CPM: $0.08

Earnings/Revenue: $7.08

WordAds Earnings: 2nd November 2020 — 8th November 2020

Page Views: 6479

Ads Served: 108,329

Average CPM: $0.08

Earnings/Revenue: $8.21

WordAds Earnings: 9th November 2020 — 15th November 2020

Page Views: 7810

Ads Served: 57,255

Average CPM: $0.07

Earnings/Revenue: $4.03

WordAds Earnings: 16th November 2020–22nd November 2020

Page Views: 8500

Ads Served: 55,147

Average CPM: $0.09

Earnings/Revenue: $4.71

WordAds Earnings: 23rd November 2020–29th November 2020

Page Views: 9372

Ads Served: 53,036

Average CPM: $0.10

Earnings/Revenue: $5.18

As you can see my average CPM is slightly increasing. I had a day where my CPM was $0.29 and one where it was $0.15. It is definitely improving!

WordAds Earnings: 30th November 2020– 6th December 2020

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