Is Donald Trump Afraid of Being Muted in Third Debate 2020?

Donald Trump has refused to take part in the third presidential debate with opposition Joe Biden as it will be done virtually.

After Trump spent the weekend in hospital after testing positive for COVID and suffering reportedly mild symptoms, which included being given oxygen due to his oxygen levels dropping, it has been confirmed that the next debate will be held virtually.

Already there has been a lot of speculation in regards to airing a presidential debate virtually.

Firstly, there is potential that we aren’t getting the candidates true answers as there may be others feeding answers through. However this is unlikely.

Trump may still be trying to spread COVID, to his opponent Joe Biden. Trump has already been classed as a super spreader with many of his colleagues also testing positive, plus the fact that he has completely disregarded any safety measures he should have put in place.

Instead Donald Trump has stated he will hold a rally for his supporters.

The President stated that he would not be ‘wasting his time’ with a virtual debate.

However, after the first debate where Trump interrupted Biden on numerous occasions, and refused to hold the debate in a professional manner, the question now is whether he is refusing to participate in the third debate because he knows he may be muted to allow Joe Biden to speak.

This seems like a much more legitimate reason as to why he is throwing a paddy.

Trump may do a U-turn on this decision, however I imagine if he does it will be more due to peer pressure. But it is unlikely. After all Donald Trump is an extremely stubborn man child.

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