My First Medium Article to Reach 1000 views.

But it only earned me 2 cents!

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The following article is the first one of my articles on Medium to reach 1000 views.

Out of those 1000 views, I had 398 reads with an average reading time of 3 minutes and 51 seconds. (As of publishing this on October 8th 2020)

However even though this is the article with the most views so far, it has only earned me 2 cents, compared to other articles such as the following ….

Which has earned me more.


Because you only get paid for Medium members that read your articles.

But the great thing is that I can continue t earn from these articles as long as they are published and members read them.

This is the start of my journey on Medium, and I am only a few steps in.

I still have a lot to learn here on Medium, but the one thing I love is the stats and the ‘reading time’ stats as it gives you such a good insight into what works and what doesn’t. It means you can go back and improve older posts as well as creating better ones in the future.

I pay for Medium membership because to me it is personally worth it. Especially with being a content writer on here too. I can read as much as I like on Medium and enjoy the creativity and knowledge of others. I almost see it as a subscription to a magazine or newspaper, but with an endless supply of great reading material.

What is your favorite thing about Medium and why?

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