Official Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

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Official Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (2–0)

Beat Baltimore 34–20

Any question over who is the king of the hill was dispatched on Monday. Am I the only one already fantasizing about an Aaron Rodgers Pat Mahomes Super Bowl?


2. Green Bay Packers (3–0)

Beat New Orleans 37–30

It’s hard to argue with results. And man, are the Packers giving us results. 3–0, 40 points a game. The tackling was terrible, and it was obvious they miss Kenny Clark inside, but unlike Seattle, who are riding the back of a super hero, this is a well balanced football team that can go toe to toe with any team.


3. Seattle Seahawks (3–0)

Beat Dallas 38–31

Russel Wilson is on some otherworldly stuff right now. 14 TDs in 3 games? Those are Madden 2k numbers. But one man can only carry a team so far. The D is average at best, as is the O line. And with the injury bug deflating the skill positions, a slide looks inevitable at some point. Probably not this week at Miami, though.


4. Baltimore Ravens (2–1)

Lost to Kansas City 34–20

The Ravens reiterated what they showed us in last year’s playoffs. One of the best, but not THE best yet.


5. Buffalo Bills (3–0)

Beat L.A. Rams 35–32

Stephon Diggs has mad Josh Allen a top tier QB. That simple. Still an inexperienced team in a lot of ways, so you will see things like the temporary 2nd half collapse this week, but fundamentally this is a very good team.


6. New England Patriots (2–1)

Beat Las Vegas 36–20

It only took 3 weeks. We saw against the Raiders what Cam’s Pats are at their best. The question is… how good is that really? We’ll find out soon enough with the Chiefs up next. Is this a Super Bowl contender? No. Are they the class of the AFC East? Not any more.


7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2–1)

Beat Denver 28–10

There’s too much talent around Tom Brady for the whole “work in progress” thing to take long. And this is still a team figuring each other out. The Bucs are a team you want on your schedule now, not in two months.


8. Tennessee Titans (3–0)

Beat Minnesota 31–30

The Titans are not a top tier football team. The D is already showing holes, and they’re inconsistent and underwhelming at times. And yet this team is 3–0, and was a step away from a Super Bowl last year. Some teams… well coached ones, anyway… just win.


9. Pittsburgh Steelers (3–0)

Beat Houston 28–21

It’s hard to tell exactly how good the 2020 Steelers are. Yes, they’re 3–0. Yes, they have a top tier D. But all 3 of their wins were against teams that are now 0–3, and they haven’t exactly been impressive in dispatching them. But 3–0 is 3–0.


10. San Fransisco 49ers (2–1)

Beat N.Y. Giants 36–9

Fortunately for a ‘Niners team that is crippled with injuries, they had the New York High School Giants this week and get the grounded Iggles this week. We may not know for a few weeks, in fact, what this team looks like now.


11. Los Angeles Rams (2–1)

Lost to Buffalo 36–32

The D has issues. They aren’t bad, but they will continue to struggle against good O’s and mobile QBs. Jared Goff and the youth movement around him do look good.


12. Arizona Cardinals (2–1)

Lost to Detroit 26–23

Just as we were all ready to anoint Kyler Murray as the appointed one, he reminds us that he’s still a young guy learning.


13. Las Vegas Raiders (2–1)

Lost to New England 36–20

The Raiders were rolling along, weren’t they? Like the Cardinals, though, we were reminded that this isn’t a team that was really supposed to contend yet. Still a good team… and an improved team… but not there yet.


14. New Orleans Saints (1–2)

Lost to Green Bay 37–30

First of all, Saints fans shouldn’t panic. Drew Brees’ arm didn’t just start to suck… it always sucked. And it never mattered. Still doesn’t. When you lose the best receiver in the NFL, it’s going to slow you down. But the Saints will still be around come playoff time.


15. Dallas Cowboys (1–2)

Lost to Seattle 37–30

You would think the Cowboys would have learned. Dak is a top tier QB, but wins for this team run through ZEKE. That simple.


16. Indianapolis Colts (2–1)

Beat New York Jets 36–7

Rivers seems to be settling in, but the Colts are still a middle of the pack team. A win over Chicago is a must to keep pace with the Titans.

This Week:


17. Chicago Bears (3–0)

Beat Atlanta 30–26

First, congrats to Bears fans; the Mitch Trubisky experiment may finally be over. But don’t get excited; even with a legit QB this is still nothing more than an average team. Enjoy it while it lasts.


18. Cleveland Browns (2–1)

Beat Washington 34–20

For the first time since 1855, the Browns are above .500. Playoffs? No. But after all those decades, they will at least be in the conversation now. At least for now.


19. Detroit Lions (1–2)

Beat Arizona 26–23

The Lions have talent. They always seem to. And every so often they remind us of that. And then proceed immediately back to sucking. No reason to think that will change.


20. Los Angeles Chargers (1–2)

Lost to Carolina 21–16

Justin Herbert, like Haskins, will be a good QB. We’ve seen flashes over his first two starts. But he’s still a rookie. As he gets more comfortable, and the more explosive aspects of the O come out, this might be a good team by year’s end.


21. Washington Football Team (1–2)

Lost to Cleveland 34–20

Three things you don’t know because the nameless team sucks… 1. Chase Young will be the rookie of the year. 2. With him, this is an elite pass rushing team. 3. Dwayne Haskins is improved and will be a solid QB.

This Week:


22. Carolina Panthers (1–2)

Beat L.A. Chargers 21–16

With CMC, this is a below average team. Without him, while they overachieved against a rookie QB this week, this as a bottom 5 team.


23. Miami Dolphins (1–2)

Beat Jacksonville 31–13

Miami showed alot of fight in 2019; the only difference this year is they’re actually good enough to win some of those fights. Not against Seattle, though.


24. Cincinnati Bengals (0–2–1)

Tied Philadelphia 23–23

If you still don’t think Joe Burrow is the real deal, you don’t know football. Good chance this week to log that first W.


25. Houston Texans (0–3)

Lost to Pittsburgh 28–21

DeShaun Watson looks far more human without Hopkins, and what used to be a good D isn’t helping at all.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars (1–2)

Lost to Miami 31–13

Minshew mania certainly came to an abrupt end, didn’t it? This is what was expected, though.


27. Philadelphia Eagles (0–2–1)

Tied Cincinnati 23–23

The Eagles have a pass rush. Not much else.


28. Minnesota Vikings (0–3)

Lost to Tennessee 31–30

Is there any loss of a single player from 2019 felt more drastically than Stephon Diggs? A matchup this week of two teams who are learning that tough lesson in 2020.


29. Atlanta Falcons (0–3)

Lost to Chicago 30–26

There just isn’t anything left from the old Falcons. A team that is inept at stopping the pass; should make a trip to Lambeau unpleasant this week.


30. Denver Broncos (0–3)

Lost to Tampa 28–10

You lose your best player on both sides of the ball and things tend to get difficult. Good news? The Division 1AA Jets are next up.


31. New York Giants (0–3)

Lost to San Francisco 36–9

Quick. Name 3 starters on either side of the ball for the G men who aren’t hurt. Gonna be a long, long year.


32. New York Jets (0–3)

Lost to Indianapolis 36–7

The J-E-T-S are 2017 Cleveland Browns bad.


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