Trump Does Not Have COVID-19

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Quick note: There’s a bit of reading here… if you don’t want to read, we’ve made it easy and put this in both video and text. So it you aren’t up to reading… just click the Youtube video below.

I’ll be honest; when I first heard last night that Donald and Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19, my first thought was… Wow. Talk about irony. Nine months of making sure that half of America didn’t take this thing seriously, single handily engineering the biggest genocide in this country’s history, and now, a month before the election, he’s got it. I’m all about reality and honesty, so I’ll just come out and say it As I’ve watched those COVID numbers go up daily, approx. 1,000 of us…. these aren’t other people here… these are our fellow Americans… Our parents and kids and friends… this is us dying every day. I won’t say I wished it on Trump, but the thought has popped into my head that it would damn sure be a bit of poetic justice if Trump caught COVID.

And now, he does. But then came my second thought. How in the hell did that happen? As much as Trump has encouraged Americans to go on about their business and say to hell with safety, there isn’t a person on earth more careful than him. No one gets within ten feet of him, not even his kids, without going through literally layers of testing and safety precautions.

As I’ve watched the news this morning though… I’m even more confused. According to the administration… Hope Hicks took a test before Air Force One took off, and they realized that it was positive… after the plane took off. Um… what? As this thing is exploding again all over the country… hell, all over the world… although no where as bad as here… suddenly they’re just saying to hell with safety? And apparently when they did realize it… realized that someone stuck inside of a metal tube with the President of the United States of America is carrying the most deadly pandemic virus the world has seen in a century… and they just let that plane go on about it’s business? Get the hell out of here. They would have turned that bird around instantly and taken everyone the hell off. That’s just common sense.

Which leads me to one conclusion. And unless you’re a Trump Kool-aid drinker, this has probably occurred to you as well. I don’t believe for one moment that the president has COVID.

Is that rally unrealistic? For 4 years, Trump has owned the news cycle. You always know when something big and stupid that Trump did is about to drop; Because he starts fires. And he’s done so, at times, with pure genius. I can list literally dozens of things he’s done that would have ended any other presidency in history. But they just run off of him like rain on your windshield, because he keeps us buried in news stories.

And man… look at the past week. First his taxes finally come out, and it’s a disaster… we find out that not only is Trump not the successful businessman he’s been pretending to be, but he’s in debt to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. And now we’re learning that he owes that money to a number of the countries that he’s gone out of his way to look out for, sometimes seemingly against American interests. Yeah, that looks bad even if you’re a Trump supporter. And his debate performance… now that the smoke has cleared and all of our ears are done ringing, we can all see it for what it was… Trump shouting over Biden and Chris Matthews for 90 minutes. And honestly, you can’t blame him. Joe Biden was going into that thing with way too much ammo. The taxes, COVID, the protests, Trump’s new found public love of White Nationalists… Trump couldn’t afford to let Biden get a word in, because Biden would have decimated him.

Throw in the newly released audio of Malania Trump showing us that she isn’t actually the “conscience of the White House” but every bit the soulless monster her husband is… it’s safe to say that the wheels have come off the Trump train.

If there has ever been a moment that Trump needed a distraction, this is it.

And now, this afternoon, we get the bombshell that Republican leaders had a conference call with Trump yesterday in which they told him straight out that he’s going to lose this election and cost them the Senate.

So no, I’m not buying this story. I’m not even renting the thing. And the more details that come out, the less I do. They’re telling us that everyone involved tested negative yesterday morning, but now they all just contracted it… and they’re all showing symptoms less than 24 hours in? News flash, my friends. That’s not how COVID works. Google it.

So the question is… why? As I said, Trump does this frequently. He tends to know beforehand more often than not when a bad news story is about to drop. He is the President of the United States. And you can usually tell how bad it’s gonna be by the size of the fire he starts. What in God’s name could be coming that would warrant a fire this big?

And now there are multiple leaks coming from the White House saying that the President has not tested positive for COVID.

It’s hard to tell what, but something is happening. Something that’s about to shake the world up.

Personally, I think this is a Nixon reboot. I’m guessing that the leaked conversation with Republican Senate and House leaders went a bit worse than people are letting on. After the post debate polls, they see what we all do…. this thing is over. Some were already smelling it… look at how many Republicans spoke out after that debate. Republicans don’t speak out against Trump. It’s career suicide. Even Mitch McConnell, who has basically been Trump’s right testicle for 4 years, did.

The rats see the writing on the wall, and they are jumping ship. I think they tried to talk to Trump about the next steps, and Trump most likely told them to go to hell. I think this is his way of buying himself some time to figure out his next step. And those in the White House leaking the truth? That shows us that there are forces working against him. Just as they did with Nixon, it would appear even his own party… even Mitch and Lindsey and the rest of the minions…. have had enough.

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