Trumps America: When Is Enough?

Election Day 2020: Tuesday November 3rd.

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Source: Trump V Biden 2020

So is it time yet? You see it happening all over. The steady decline of the polls. Trump’s desperation growing by the day. The rats starting to flee the ship. Take a look…. they’re all hanging around the rails, ready to jump. Look how many criticized Trump after the debate. Not one person with an R by their name has spoken against Trump since impeachment. These people aren’t dedicated to him… they’re terrified of him. The man can assassinate a career with a Tweet. He has built a religion.

But now? Even Mitchie McConnell took a shot at him over the COVID wave in the White House.

It’s over. Oh, it won’t be pretty. This election won’t be close, but Trump will throw all he’s got at us to cling to his power. But the arrogant idiot won’t pull it off, because his ego insists on calling his shots. And say what you will about the (also) idiots on BOTH sides of the aisle in both sides of Congress… these are politicians. Half of them have been there forever. They know this game.

You can’t blame Trump. The man is screwed 7 ways from Tuesday when his little reign ends. Yeah, he’ll try to Pardon himself. His newly minted packed Supreme Court will probably help him. But that won’t save him… his pardons don’t save him from state charges. And some of the most ruthless DA’s offices in the country on him.

I don’t think he’ll go to jail. If there’s one thing Trump is good at… it’s covering his own ass. We all know that soon as his ass is booted out, we’re gonna learn everything. What Biden doesn’t come right out and show us will be leaked. And here’s the worst part… none of it will be a surprise. I mean come on. Even if you support Trump you know the guy wouldn’t say sh@t if Putin did in his mouth. Even if the bounties couldn’t get him to say a thing to him. Seriously? If you’re a Trump supporter and you claim to be a republican…. apologies, but f@ck you. We are the party that supports our military. No real republican would stand for this. But Trump does it all the time, doesn’t he? Alexander Vindman was more of a republican than you or me on our most conservative day. He’s the definition of a damn hero. But Trump crucified him. And way too damned many of you stood by. Some of you jumped in on social media. No idea who the guy was, either. Just a bunch of lemmings. And we all know the things he’s said about our men in uniform.

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed. —

See, here’s the thing. There are periods like this in history. Periods where things happen that afterwards, entire societies are shamed by. Most of those who participate hide and lie. Know what you don’t hear? “I was the angry white guy in the hood throwing a bottle at MLK!” Nope. Every white person in America who was around then marched with him. Just like you never heard anyone saying “Man, did I kill a lot of Jews back home in Germany!”

There comes a reckoning, though. And ours is almost here. So back to my original question… when?

When do we look at the mess we made and see it for what it is?

It’s not complicated. We all got duped by possibly the greatest hustler in history.. Donald Trump. I bought it, too. But he’s a used car salesman. Say what ever it takes to get ’em behind the wheel and off the lot.

“I’m gonna build a big, beautiful wall. And you know who’s gonna pay for it?” And everyone gleefully screams “Mexico!” And the worst part? They believed it. Every dumb sh@t one of them. (Here’s where the denial will start. I promise you if you poll a million people and asked if they believed it exactly one million would say no.) And we keep believing it. And don’t say you didn’t.

Go and YouTube ‘Trump Healthcare 2 weeks’. Know what you'll find? In the past year, Trump has, on record said “We’re going to be unveiling our new health care plan in 2 weeks”. For more than a year, every time someone asks he just says “Two weeks”. Been 50 some weeks. No health care plan. And there won’t be.

Trump and the 2 week healthcare plan that never comes.

Trump tells us whatever it takes to shut us up and get us chanting. He doesn’t stop to worry about things like truth and reality. If we’ll chant it, he’ll run with it. Why? Because we don’t give a sh@t. You know why Trump never talks issues? He doesn’t have any. He knows his followers couldn’t care less. They don’t come for Trump. They come for Stone Cold Steve Austin. (YouTube it if you don’t know)

They want the same things. Give them something to chant. (and don’t argue…. “Build that wall!” “Lock Her Up!” Recently “Fill that seat!”)

No one there cares. They’re there to cheer and yell and chant and enjoy the show. Whole herd of them screaming in approval as he talks about NAFTA when you know damn well 90% of them don’t even know what NAFTA even stands for. And I doubt more than 2 could tell you what it was. No, Trump is their guy, just like old Stone Cold. They just want to cheer along as he tells them how great he is, laugh and clap like little kids when he starts dropping racist bombs. Trump is what he was… a reality star. A man who’s never worked a day in his life but who convinced millions that he spoke for the working man. Does anyone realize how stupid believing that makes you look? The religious right…. those bible thumpers love them some Trump! The same guy who cheats on his mail order brides with porn stars. Grab ’em by the ***** Don. Just… really?

But reckoning day is coming. Whole lot of Americans have been making fools of ourselves. A militia group in Michigan was rounded up by the FBI for a plot to blow up the State Capitol building, kidnap and murder the governor, and kill a load of police. That’s Trump’s America.

So I’m curious. When will you get off? And you will. Trump isn’t stupid. I can’t imagine a scenario where he doesn’t run his @ss to Russia the day he leaves office. Maybe before. And when it all comes out… you’ll lie. You’ll hide. You’ll deny it.

He got us all. Like he says… it is what it is. Can’t go back in time. Look around. Look at our country. 215k dead. 400k by Christmas. Race wars. Militia groups running rampant. It’s funny… damn near all of these white zealots are Trumpers. Half of them carry flags. Know what I have yet to see? A rioter in a Biden shirt. Not one.

In two years, you’ll never admit you were one of them. But you’ll know. It’s too late for 215,000 of us. It’s not to late for the rest.

Vote: November 3.

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