Vocal Media: A Review and Earnings.

A review of Vocal Media and whether it is worth your time.

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I currently use both Vocal.Media and Medium.com for a selection of my articles. Both have benefits and as a writer I would currently suggest using both platforms for your writing.

However I will focus on Vocal Media in this article and why you as a writer, should give it a go.

10 facts about Vocal Media

  1. Anybody can join.
  2. There is currently a fixed CPM rate. One is for non members which is currently $3.80 per thousand reads. For members it is $6.00 per thousand reads. Membership is either $9.99 or $99 per year.
  3. Articles have to be a minimum 600 words for articles or for poems less than 100 words.
  4. Each submission goes through an editing process which can take up to 24 hours.
  5. The Vocal team are extremely helpful. (The few times I have emailed them so far, I have had prompt responses).
  6. Minimum payout is $20 for members and $35 for non-members via Stripe.
  7. You have to email Vocal after publication if you need to edit one of your articles.
  8. They have contests where prizes can range from $100 up to around $1000.
  9. You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you reach your minimum threshold.
  10. Vocals stat platform is currently very basic, however I have been told that this will improve in the near future.

Overall so far I have found Vocal to be a pleasant platform to write on. Easy to use and a nice clean layout for writing on. I intend to spend more time on the writing platform and will update this review once I have spent more time on it and reached my first payout in which I will share with you.

Looking at my earnings on Vocal Media so far.

I joined Vocal in the last week of September 2020.

September 2020 Total Vocal Earnings.


October 2020 Total Vocal Earnings. (Vocal+ member)

October 2020 Vocal Earnings so far: Around $4.50 — ceased using Vocal.

Why I’ve Stopped Using Vocal Media.

Up until today, (29 October 2020) I have been using Vocal Media, however after the poor results I have received from their site and the very poor stats that they offer, I have decided that I will not be using Vocal Media anymore.

I have been blogging for over 10 years and even basic writing platforms have better stat information than Vocal do.

Vocals stats simply consist of how many views. That’s it!

No details of where the views originated, when they were from or anything that I would class as basic.

Not only that, I usually know roughly how many views I can get from each article and according to Vocal, my views were only around 5 percent of what I usually achieve. They state that they only count a view after a viewer has spent an unspecified amount of time on your page. Which is stated as a ‘read’.

Unlike Medium which lets you know how many views and then subsequently how many of those are reads, the information they provide is extremely poor meaning that it is almost impossible to try and improve articles to create a better reader experience.

Even if Vocal did provide a little more information in terms of stats insights, in order to edit a post you have to email Vocal and wait for them to revert your article to draft. Edit it and then resubmit it. This isn’t ideal for a blogger or writer who may need to make a quick change to an article.


Overall I strongly suggest against using Vocal Media as there are better platforms if you want to write or blog online. Medium is one of them and is far more impressive. Medium has better stats and insights are earnings are potentially a lot better.

Blogger and WordPress are also good platforms to use if you want to start your own website.

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If you have had a better experience with Vocal, or a similar one to me, please leave comments below.

Thank you.

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