We thought we needed a businessman as President but were proved wrong!

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It’s official. Joe Biden has won and Donald Trump is out.

Some people will be celebrating, others won’t be. But what we have to realize here is that this is democracy and it’s time for change. We have had 4 years of uncertainty and trying to make sense of Donald Trump. It’s been hard. Now it’s time for the real politicians to mop up the mess Trump has made. Democrats and Republicans alike have tidying up to do. This isn’t about the party that you support, it’s about removing a dangerous man from becoming more dangerous. It’s about giving people a leader again. Whether you are Republican or a Democrat, beneath tat you are human, and you are American and you deserve a leader that can lead with conviction. You may not think Joe Biden is the best person for that job, but frankly given the choice between a man who is leading people to their deaths, allowing hatred within communities and is a selfish man child, Joe Biden is the best option we had.

I personally am more than happy with the Biden/Harris duo and I believe they will get us back on a path that we need to be on.


Going back to pre-Trump, many of us moan and groan about politicians, myself included.

However one of the biggest things we have learned during the Trump presidency is the need for politicians. The need for democracy and the need for leaders.

If it wasn’t for COVID-19, Trump would have almost certainly won a second term in The White House, but COVID-19 was the test that Trump needed to really prove if he was the leader America needed. A time of crisis and uncertainty. A time when countries need leaders to lead them to safety.

Donald Trump failed to do this. Whether you believe in COVID or not, the simple fact is that Trump did not deal with this pandemic professionally. He mocked his own people for wearing masks instead of being an example to them. He has acted unprofessionally throughout his presidency but more so during 2020. He provoked a movement that were fighting for a justified cause.

Trump failed to create a mandate and instead made his forthcoming policies up as he went along, instead of giving clear and concise policies that he would be looking at implementing if he were to win a second term in The White House.

He even urged his supporters to vote in person on election day and then moaned that the mail in votes must be fraudulent because the majority of them were in support of Joe Biden. I am afraid that although he may think that we can’t see passed his clearly idiotic claims, we can.

So after four long, long years of a business man as President of the United States of America, it’s time to get an actual politician back in The White House and let the politicians do their job. One that Trump failed to do.

As much as Trump wants to believe he did a good job, he failed. Miserably.

The Republican party as a whole may have lost a little integrity by backing Trump, but I believe that there will be a huge sigh of relief by the majority of the Republican party once Trump is gone. He made a mockery of politics and their party.

I am not saying that some politicians are not corrupt, we all know that there are and always will be corrupt politicians, but Trump was something else.

Trump was a wannabe president and did very little to convince the majority of people in America otherwise.

It’s time for America to grow again and become a respected country instead of the laughing stock it has become over the last 4 years.

It’s time for Joe Biden to take over and to regain control and integrity of America and it’s time for ALL AMERICANS to be considered regardless of race, color, sex or age.

You may or may not disagree with me on this, but the American people have spoken and democracy has won. What Trump wants for himself, selfishly, is not what is right for the people of America.

It’s going to take time to recover from The Trump Years, but it will happen.

Oh and See Ya in Russia Mr Trump!!!

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