Why Are We Suddenly Rushing To Mars?

In a previous post I discussed in length different theories as to why, in the middle of a pandemic, are there numerous countries spending billions of dollars, suddenly rushing to send rockets to Mars.

It’s quite a lengthy read but there are legitimate questions in there that the general public just don’t seem to be asking, as well as some more detailed information on each of the theories.

I have linked it below if you you would like to read the full article.

But in a brief version, lets look at why we may suddenly be rushing to get to Mars.

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Photo by Nicolas Lobos on Unsplash

Mars has long been a curiosity of man (woman too)and we have the Mars rover, sending information down to us as well as photos. There is a lot of research as to whether Mars would be a viable place for humans to live if Planet Earth was to become inhabitable.

Enough of the rambling though.

There are a few possible reasons that countries such as China, USA and UAE are suddenly rushing to get to Mars and the leaders of the world aren’t disclosing information that could potentially affect humanity.

I’m going to keep this brief and to the point and some reasons may seem absurd, however if you either Google the recent sudden missions to Mars and/or read the article linked above, they may not seem so absurd after all.

Why are we going to Mars?

  1. There are aliens about to attack Earth.
  2. There is a meteorite on a collision course with Earth.
  3. There is a meteorite on a collision course with the Moon.
  4. The coronavirus; COVID-19 is actually a lot worse than we are aware of and is going to wipe us all out.
  5. It’s 2020. Anything could happen and we wouldn’t be surprised!

There are other possibilities here and again, the above may seem a bit over the top, however why are these countries suddenly all racing to Mars? Ask yourself that question. Google it. I’m sure you will find some information and there are numerous theories out there. But there is no definitive answer and it all seems a little bit hush hush.

If you have your own answer to this question, feel free to comment and share below.

I’ll leave you with the following video to watch if you are at all curious about this question:

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